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Welcome to Visit Wesbrook!
Let finish exclusive work of styling your furniture together.

Wesbrook was founded in 2002 with a pursuit to offer special design, high-quality products, and well services. Our philosophy is to be the manufacturer with creative ideas for furniture. Our 300 employees have made a commitment to the strategy and we craft each item ensuring that every Webrook piece meets our high quality standards unceasingly.
We value our relationship with our customers, we have clients throughout the world, especially the United States and Europe. It is not only the chance for business but also the opportunity to merge culture and experiences to bring communication into a wider range.
Each season we bring a wealth of new ideas to our collection from the Dining to the living, from the modern to the vintage. Wesbrook share information, and offer honest advice in our booth, in Shanghai(September), Guangzhou(March), and Vietnam(March).
Welcome to Visit Wesbrook, let finish the exclusive work of styling your furniture together.

New Creative Idea For Furniture

We are fortune to have customers all over the world and so as we understand their needs, we have the opportunity to design collections that are for a worldwide audience. We have an extensive in-house design team and capability to ensure that we can create over 300 new designs each year. Designing for the modern way to live. Considering texture, atheistic and form. Quality is also at the center of our design focus and our products need to be fit for the customers’ needs and to last. We therefore have many timeless designs and many more new designs to share with every current and potential customer. We showcase our new collections both at our home show and key trade shows. Contact Us

Company Culture

Our company focuses on having the customer at its heart. We try to think customer first. Constantly striving to ensure we have the better products available for our customers all over the world. We only use the better raw materials and strive to be innovative in our product designs. New product is a key focus for our whole business. We like to try and make the buying process as simple as possible for our customer so they can focus on there’s. Listening to our customers’ needs leads to great conversations and a strong and successful business relationship.

Handcraft: a wealth of new ideas, from dining to living, from modern to retro.

We blend handcrafted with the very latest and better Machinery to ensure we craft the better product possible. Our factories operate with over 15 years of experience. We use new and reclaimed woods, local raw materials such as different stone from across Asia, and we have our own metal workshop so we can control the full cycle of production to the exact quality we require. We operate under a very strict 5’s Japanese production management.

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